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i’ve hit 5000 followers omfg thank you UwU! thanks for staying w/ me despite my inactivity and stuff sometimes eugh school note: this is a sideblog! my main blog is lunarstiles so i follow you on that account UwU i literally made this blog for my mcr reblogs so as not to spam my followers but someone followed me on here and there, i started making edits bc i was pressured now im here how


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Anonymous asked: where do you find all of these pictures of gerard to edit??

I found them long time ago somewhere around the internet. I used to take them from deleted sites and stuff like that. However, some of them are from here

bloody-gerard asked: Hey! I really like your blog, as long as I love the Revenge Era Gerard. One of the best blogs I've ever seen, good work! Sorry if I didn't wrote perfectly but English is not my first language

Don’t worry, thank you for the sweet compliment! ♡

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vampirekid67 asked: goddammit. fuck. i gave in. i said i wouldnt follow any more mcr blogs but. motherfuck. i love gerard so damn much here i am im gonna go cry

This is the Gerard I love: melancholic, passionate and self destructive

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but-i-am-a-creep asked: u have a amaze blog <3

Thank you so much! ♡

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Gerard Way @ TRL, MTV Studios on Times Square, NY, 17/01/05.

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